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CSR approach

Supplying companies with raw materials can become problematic as resources become scarce or even depleted (ores, plants, oil, etc.)


We must therefore think now of a change.


Our solution, associated with your products in post-marketing, allows your customers and users to give them a second chance in case of loss. Find and reuse instead of replacing. Indeed, 35 million lost objects declared in France in 2020 is an impressive figure, especially if we know that only 10% of these objects are found by their owner. How many smartphones, bank cards, keys, identity papers or luggage of all kinds are forgotten, lost and never found? These unnecessarily stored objects end up being thrown away. It's time to reverse the way we consume and it's up to you to come up with solutions to save our resources.


As part of your activity's CSR (social and environmental responsibility) approach, you have the power to reverse the trend by offering your customers a simple and effective solution.


Contact us to discuss it.


This solution is very simple to set up and adapts to your technical constraints.



Stick your favorite objects.
If you lose a sticky object, it will be easy for the one who finds it to scan the qrcode. An SMS or EMAIL will be sent to you immediately.
All you have to do is reply to the sender to organize yourself.
Stick your favorite objects.
In case of loss, looztick will be your best chance !!!
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