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Looztick is a secure lost and found solution that originated in Granville, Normandy, in 2019.


After losing a brand new smartphone on a ski slope, a wallet with my identification papers in a restaurant, and a skateboard far from home, it was high time for the series to end!




The Looztick sticker was born.

A robust, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and UV-resistant sticker with a QR code that, when scanned, displays our efficient web application, facilitating the safe return of the object to its owner.


Since its distribution, we regularly receive warm testimonials from users who have been able to easily retrieve various items (wallets, smartphones, pets, luggage, etc.), and we love this kind of feedback!


How does it work?


Simply equip yourself.

Choose stickers to protect your wallet, umbrella, suitcase, water bottle, tablet, or smartphone, and a keychain to protect all your precious keys.


In case of loss, the benefactor can return your item quickly and safely.


In practice?



The benefactor scans the highlighted QR code on the found object.

A web application appears in their browser, allowing them to contact you for:


  • Handing over in person an alert will be sent to you via SMS and email, inviting you to join a secure dedicated discussion space on our platform.


  • Safe deposit The benefactor chooses a safe location from a list based on their location, deposits the object, and informs you of its location. You just have to go there.




“But then, how can I be contacted by the benefactor if the contact details are not exchanged?”

It's very simple: As soon as you acquire your accessories, simply activate them. In other words, you must scan each accessory once and fill out the quick form that will appear after the short explanatory video.

Once your information has been validated, in the event of loss of an item you will receive an alert by SMS and Email from Looztick, inviting you either to join a discussion space on our platform, or to collect your item at the place indicated by the benefactor.

And don't forget, you can change your personal details at any time. To do this, simply scan your accessory and scroll down on the first page. A “modify my personal details” link will allow you to access the procedure.


33 rue Sainte Geneviève

SIRET : 947 827 226 00012
TVA : FR 22 947827226

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How it works ?
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