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  • looztick goodie
  • looztick goodie

The Looztick goodies

Everyone appreciates receiving gifts and satisfying your customers is your priority !

At Looztick we have developed a perfect product to hang on to your customers' keys !

Thanks to the looztick ANTI LOSS system, you bring your customers an advertising item that will be useful to them !

If keys are lost, it is your thanks if they are found. Not only does the keychain adapt to your graphic charter, but we also personalize the user interface with your image.


Put yourself in the pocket of your customers !

You want to know more ?

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A particular message ?
Stick your favorite objects.
If you lose a sticky object, it will be easy for the one who finds it to scan the qrcode. An SMS or EMAIL will be sent to you immediately.
All you have to do is reply to the sender to organize yourself.
Stick your favorite objects.
In case of loss, looztick will be your best chance !!!
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