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On this page we tell you everything: Find out what our solution is for, how we make exchanges anonymous, the activation of your accessories and the modification of your personal data.


How do LOOZTICK accessories protect my personal belongings?

Thanks to our accessories, identify all your nomadic or loss-sensitive objects.

If you lose one of your Looztick-identified objects, the person who finds it can easily and quickly let you know thanks to the LOOZTICK solution.

All this person has to do is scan the QRcode with their smartphone to let you know anonymously that your item has been found.


How does the LOOZTICK system work?

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Once the LOOZTICK accessory has been scanned, the interface gives you the choice of managing the return between you or depositing this object among a list of safe places.

If your phone was found and you chose an emergency number when activating your LOOZTICK accessories, a simple yes will direct the person of goodwill to this emergency number.


The person who finds your belongings can reach you using the anonymous and secure LOOZTICK messaging service. No exchange of telephone or email contact details, this information remains secret!


But how do we allow you to exchange without revealing your details?

Each new message in the discussion space generates an SMS which invites you to join the discussion. These SMS are sent by a third-party platform and do not contain your contact details. Looztick fully bears the cost of these SMS generated through a qualified service provider.


The person who finds your belongings does not have time to manage a return? The LOOZTICK system offers a list of safe places around it (the choice of the place outside the proposal is free of course) to drop off then inform you or find your object.



What about activation? Upon receipt, scan the qrcode of each accessory for the first time with your smartphone (photo app or free QRcode app)

A LOOZTICK.FR link will be indicated to you, click on it to follow it.
A form is displayed, fill it in, then check your personal information and validate it.


Repeat this operation for each accessory ordered!


Want to change your personal information?

It is possible, from the first page after the scan, click on the link at the very bottom: modify my personal information.


You have questions? Click on the link at the bottom of the page to ask us your question, but you may find the answer on our contact page!


Since these accessories have been on sale, user feedback has been very encouraging! Dogs, wallets, sets of keys or telephones are found!


We are delighted that this system saves your precious everyday items. It's very unpleasant to lose your phone or a bunch of keys.

What do you do if you lose your keys or your smartphone? You will very quickly have to replace them because you can't easily do without them.


Looztick thinks about your purchasing power!!

A 5€ keyring can save a keyring whose keys can often be very expensive!

And it's better for our planet to be able to give our objects a second chance!


Stick your favorite objects.
If you lose a sticky object, it will be easy for the one who finds it to scan the qrcode. An SMS or EMAIL will be sent to you immediately.
All you have to do is reply to the sender to organize yourself.
Stick your favorite objects.
In case of loss, looztick will be your best chance !!!
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